Save the Planet or Grow Your Company?

It's not a trade-off you should have to make.

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At Atsuya, we offer engineered technology solutions that help you scale sustainably

Atsuya's capabilities

and range of solutions.

Atsuya is India’s only vertically-integrated, knowhow-to-hardware-to-software company that offers solutions across the SDG (sustainable development goals) spectrum.

Our suite of plug-n-play products helps companies achieve their sustainability goals, no matter the challenges.

The intelligent and

integrated AI platform.

AOne provides our customers all of their ESG vitals on a single dashboard, which makes monitoring and measuring your goals really simple.

AOne’s AI tools help you glean sophisticated insights into your operations, allowing you to make efficiency gains year after year. Even better, AOne provides a self-learning and self-healing operating system to not only flag instances for improvement, but also, where required, autonomous implementation of the improvement without human intervention.

Commercial Buildings Case Study
Commercial Buildings

IT giant gets energy savvy.

Real Estate Case Study
Real Estate

Chennai high-rise gets smarter about water.

Meat Retail Case Study
Meat Retail

Making every cut compliant for a
meat retail unicorn.

Manufacturing Case Study

Leading automotive manufacturer takes the road
to sustainability through efficiency.

Oil & Gas Company Case Study
Energy & Utilities

Leading Oil & Gas company watches its
carbon trail.

Hospitality Case Study

International Airport takes compliance management to new heights.

Hospitality Case Study

Cooking up innovative solutions for South Asia's leading cloud kitchen.

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